LearnDoEarn Student Workshops

The LearnDoEarn Workshopitition (workshop plus competition) provides students with an opportunity to simulate the activities and processes that will affect their future lives as students and workers. They will gain a more complete understanding of the competitive nature of the workplace, their potential role in it, and how they must prepare for the challenges of high school and college. Engaging presentations and interactive electronic and team-based games help students understand what courses they need to take, grades they need to achieve, and behaviors they need to acquire to have the life they want.

This event, which can last from one to four days, is a workshop and competition – a boot camp that helps students understand what the worlds of college and work will expect from them.

Select from a wide variety of LearnDoEarn activities that can be built into a customized Workshopitition just right for your students’ ages, abilities, interests, and time and space available:

  • 1. Select from dozens of presentations from the LearnDoEarn career-/college readiness curriculum, which provide students with unequivocal, relentless messages about the importance of academic achievement, character, employability, and financial literacy, with electronic reinforcement games.

  • 2. Choose from a menu of LearnDoEarn 90-minute team-based games, for example:

  • The LearnDoEarn Hiring Game – students play the role of employers competing for the best engineering, managerial, and secretarial talent,
    The LearnDoEarn Avatar University Game – students vie for open seats and experience the college admissions process from a ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective,
    The LearnDoEarn Budgeteering Game – students create a four-month budget using diverse salaries and ‘win’ the game in an unexpected way,
    The LearnDoEarn Ready, Set, Interview Game –students learn how to prepare for, and succeed in, an interview,
    The Walk on the Work Side Game – presents workplace issues that require honing a worker’s situational judgment, and
    The Hamburger Hamburger Café Game – presents opportunities to practice building a personal calendar and balancing work/life responsibilities.

  • 3. Multiple day events can include The LearnDoEarn Design Competition in which students conceive, fabricate, and present ideas for new toys or sports equipment and role-play a 60-second commercial: the team with the best ideas and best presentation wins!

Experienced LearnDoEarn facilitators will come to your school, after-school, or summer program to deploy the LearnDoEarn Workshopitition. LearnDoEarn staff is also available to deliver train-the-trainer workshops for your staff so that your organization is fully capable of delivering the workshopititions independently.

Contact us for more information at info@LearnDoEarn.org or 609-989-7888, ext. 144.