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Product Licensing

All LearnDoEarn materials are reviewed annually to ensure that messages are in line with up-to-date research and employer surveys. Therefore, all LearnDoEarn Materials Kits come with a one-year limited-use license.

Use of each curriculum kit purchased is restricted to a single defined site (a single school or single non-profit program location, or for use with individuals served by the organization within a specific geography).

During the license period, an organization can use LearnDoEarn curriculum and other materials with an unlimited number of participants (students or clients) within the school or organization, but not with any individual outside the school or organization.

The year-long license lasts for twelve months measured from the date of purchase; the length of the license is unrelated to a school-year calendar.

During the one-year license period, electronic documents mounted on the LearnDoEarn flashdrive may be copied to multiple computer hard drives and/or to organization or site servers (depending on license purchased). Ancillary activity sheets and reward credentials on the flash drive and wall posters, which are included in the Materials Kits as original documents on legal-sized paper, may be reproduced in unlimited quantities to accommodate any number of individuals within the organization or the site (depending on the license purchased).

At the end of the license period the organization must discontinue the use of all paper-based documents received in previous materials kits and any copies made from originals in the Materials Kits. Failure to do so will be a violation of this license agreement.

At the end of the twelve-month period, all electronic documents on the LearnDoEarn flashdrive will no longer be accessible. LearnDoEarn electronic documents have been encrypted to ‘self-destruct’ at the end of the license period. LearnDoEarn curriculum presentations and other electronic documents will not open from the flashdrive or from any computer hard drives or servers to which they have been copied.

Any attempt to bypass the intent of the electronic encryption or continued use of printed materials after the organization or site has terminated the LearnDoEarn license by not purchasing materials successive years will mean that the organization or the site is in violation of copyright laws.