The LearnDoEarn – Middle School Curriculum

The LearnDoEarn Middle School Curriculum centers around engaging informal modules that take only a few hours a year to deliver. LearnDoEarn motivates pre-teens and teens by presenting shocking data about the competitive worlds of college admissions and job acquisition that create ‘uh-oh' moments, motivating learners to work harder to prepare for their futures. The product was designed for traditional learning formats such as typical classrooms, and can be purchased in the form of a LearnDoEarn Classroom Materials Kit, which includes:

• age-appropriate, graphic-rich PowerPoint classroom curriculum modules for individuals in middle school (grades six through eight) and high school (grades nine through twelve), provided on a reusable LearnDoEarn flashdrive that includes a number of printable worksheets and reward credentials

Entitled 'Ready for High School,' LearnDoEarn curriculum for middle school consists of nine units that focus on academic readiness and maintaining employability.
Too often, pre-teens think they can start their preparation for college somewhere in the last two years of high school, but educators know preparation for college, and career, starts in middle school. Success in high school and college often rests on a student’s dedication to his or her academic success in middle school and the acquisition of appropriate study and personal habits in grades six through eight.

Additionally, many youth make inappropriate choices early in life that limit their potential employability, such as getting into trouble with the law and getting visible tattoos (with or without parental consent).

The LearnDoEarn 'Ready for High School' curriculum delivers powerful research-based messages that help younger teens understand that the decisions they make while in middle school will shape their entire futures. LearnDoEarn builds awareness of what these very young adults need to do to be successful in high school and beyond.

For more information or for a webinar presentation of the materials, please contact Julie Rita-Di Pietro at 609-989-7888 ext. 126.

Name of Presentation Module
Get Down to Business
Business is a very competitive world and employers will only hire individuals who are prepared for available jobs. The only way to prepare for the competitive world of business is to get a good education that goes beyond high school.
6B -
Only YOU are the Boss of You
Working hard in challenging courses trains your brain and makes you smarter. Only YOU can decide that you will be a good student and work as hard as you can.
Be Great by Eight!
Life is competitive; only the fittest survive. The long road to a successful life starts in middle school, building academic foundations with rigorous course work, doing homework, and getting good grades.
Transitions and Transcripts
You will have to prepare today to face tomorrow's challenges. Your middle school will be creating a transcript that will follow you through high school and college and will determine what courses you can take and what kind of life you will have.
Maintain a Singular Focus
We live in a complex society with much to learn; being a student should be your singular focus. In order to compete with students around the world for college admissions and future jobs, you will have to work hard in middle school so that you can be successful in high school.
Choose the Right Course
The best way to get ready for the future is to complete the set of courses research shows is key to building the academic momentum you will need for success whether you go to college or work. Being prepared for tomorrow means choosing the right courses today.
The Tassel is Worth the Hassle
More education means more money and decreases the chance of being unemployed. You can work hard now while your education is free or you can pay more for the education you will need because you will be taking remedial courses in college.
Things to Know as You Go
As you move from middle into high school, you should set goals for yourself that define what you plan to do acquire the academic knowledge, behaviors, skills, attitudes, habits and values you will need to be successful in college and work.
Beyond Academics
Other behaviors and habits you acquire could greatly impact your employability, so it is imperative that you make your decisions about how to live your life through the perspective of your future. Without a job that delivers a decent wage and good benefits like healthcare insurance, life as an adult is very difficult.