Businesses: Use Your Influence to Accomplish Great Things

Regardless of the size of your company, as a businessperson you have unlimited potential to influence those around you. Never underestimate the impact you can have on your community, especially when you have a roadmap that provides you with clear actions and a variety of activities that will allow you to make a difference. And the LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System does just that.

Do your employees have concerns over their children's education? You can engage your employees and help them become advocates for better educational outcomes for their children. Or, you can work with local schools to improve educational outcomes for students. And you can influence your colleagues in other businesses to work with you to improve the quality of life in your communities.

Get involved with LearnDoEarn on a local, statewide or national level, depending on your community relations goals. LearnDoEarn staff can work with you to find the 'fit' that is right for your organization.

If it is employee engagement you are looking for, LearnDoEarn can provide your employee volunteers with easy-to-use materials that can easily be adapted to one-on-one mentoring sessions, classroom presentations, or student assemblies. The LearnDoEarn business simulation games provide a fun, engaging learning experience for adults and students alike.

We are all going to ride on the success, or the failure, of the next generation. And the warning signs are out there - if we don't do something now to change the future predicted by some of the most recent workforce studies, we will regret that we did not get involved while there was still a chance to make the kinds of changes necessary for positive outcomes.

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