Workplace Simulation Learning Games

  • Simulation games reinforce material learned in classroom presentations and teach as they engage. All six games have been designed to generate scores that define winning teams or individuals, mirroring the competitive environments of college and work. Games can be purchased individually or as a set and can be used with an unlimited number of students for one year:

  • 1. The Ready Set Interview Game reviews how to prepare for an interview, what to wear, and how to write and work toward developing an accomplishment-based résumé.

  • 2. The Walk on the Work Side Game presents workplace issues that require honing a worker’s situational judgment. This game provides two levels of play, appropriate for students in grades 6 – 12. The first level is especially effective with younger students and with special needs students who can gain significant benefit as they face the challenges of changing rules in the workplace.
  • 3. The Hamburger Hamburger Café Game presents opportunities for students to learn time management, understand how to balance work and life commitments and play the role of managers who lose bonuses due to their workers’ attendance and punctuality habits.
  • 4. The Avatar University Game simulates the college admissions process and helps participants learn what community colleges and four-year institutions believe to be important.
  • 5. The Hiring Game allows participants to play the role of an employer making hiring decisions; participants learn how employers consider three ‘E’s’ in their hiring decisions: education, experience and employability.
  • 6. The Budgeteering Game teaches personal financial literacy with an emphasis on saving, not spending. Participants also learn that education after high school is critical to financial success, but does not necessarily mean earning a four-year degree.

Each game takes approximately 90 minutes of intensely focused activity. Additional time to debrief and discuss the game experience is highly valuable.

To maintain low costs and a small environmental footprint, LearnDoEarn Game Kits include reusable paper materials (enough to accommodate 50 students per game session), disposable game worksheet originals that can be reproduced in unlimited quantities, and a flashdrive that contains the main game presentation and the debriefing presentation(s) associated with that game.

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