A fictitious company.
A very real online job application and
pre-employment experience.


better than real
almost real

AlmostRealProducts.com offers all job seekers, ages 14 and up, the opportunity to practice completing job applications and taking pre-employment tests and surveys. Virtually identical to those required by businesses as they move more and more of their hiring processes to online applications, AlmostReal is better than real.

AlmostRealProducts.com does not collect any data entered by individuals, but allows users to print out completed pages for review with instructors. All surveys and assessments are scored instantaneously, providing immediate feedback to users who develop a better sense of their job readiness. Instructors can review deficiencies and close knowledge gaps. Users can access the system as often as desired, improving their performance and as a result, their ability to clear the first hurdle in securing an interview and eventually, a job.

Hundreds of users can be served with a year-long minimum basic license
(50 virtual seats for concurrent users) for the low introductory price of $475* (with an additional one-time $50 set-up fee). Licenses that serve larger numbers of individuals are available. 

For organizations using one license to cover multiple sites, upgrades to an Analytics License, which provides access to usage data on a site-by-site basis, is an additional $50 per site.

Training in product use available online. For scheduled sessions, visit

*price for non-profits, schools;  state agencies and others request proposals;
thanks to corporate support, price to New Jersey schools and nonprofits is $350


AlmostRealProducts.com offers:

  • • 12 diverse job applications, one for each ‘division’ in the company, each preceded by an EEOC form common to those used in online applications
  • • 12 Job Match Surveys with many situational judgment questions, which helps users understand how to answer these challenging questions
  • • dozens of content-based assessments in English (grammar and reading comprehension), and science, similar to those used in business as gateways to many jobs requiring diverse knowledge sets
  • • dozens of math tests that showcase 'real world' math
  • • over 100 essay questions with character-delimited answer space that help users develop concise answers to the most commonly used interview questions
  • • strategic career awareness opportunities

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LearnDoEarn offers unique motivational curriculum, games, and activities that help middle and high school students of all abilities understand exactly what they need to do to build the academic and behavioral foundations they will need for success in college and/or work.

LearnDoEarn is the only program that uses the inherent authority of the business community as future employers to create a clear roadmap for students, detailing the rigorous courses they should take, the grades they should earn, the amount of homework they should do, and the behaviors they should acquire and practice.

LearnDoEarn makes students want to work harder. LearnDoEarn materials are also appropriate for targeted adult learners and job seekers.

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